Internet Safety

This week we are reviewing Online Safety Tips. I am sending home a printed copy of the appropriate tips for you and your student to return signed on or before Computer Lab next week. This will be worth a homework grade so please review it with your student and return it signed. If you would like to remember these tips for future use, I recommend you and your family visit the following site:

NetSmartz Workshop


PowerPoint Pre-Test

We’ll be working on presentations second semester. For the most part we will be working within Microsoft PowerPoint but we will also use OpenOffice Impress and Google Apps from time to time. Before we get started (unless you had me in class Friday in which case I hope you learned something to help you on this) we’re going to do a pre-test so I can see what you remember if you were in my class two years ago or have learned on your own.


Typer-Shark Online

Typer-Shark Online

Several of our best typists have or will soon have completed all 25 Type to Learn 3 missions. This is a fun way to keep those skills sharp. When the students complete mission 25, I issue them a ForAllBadges badge that they can export to their Open Badging Backpack. All I need for this is a unique email address for each student. It is fine if they use yours as long as you don’t intend to use Open Badges for your own online learning resumé.

CLICK HERE to play Typer-Shark


Congratulations to Jesse (6th grade) for being the first to complete Type To Learn 3 Mission 25, the final lesson of the program! She beat the game!

Also working on Mission 25 is Rachel (5th grade) who should be finished very soon. Students working on the final ten lessons are:

4th grade–Blaise, Keeley, Rebecca, Darci
5th grade–Kristen, Rachel
6th grade–Reagan, Daniel, Ken, Shelby

We are also doing free-choice projects. These projects can be completed using any creative program on our computers EXCEPT Tux Paint. This includes any Microsoft Office program, Paint, or Gimp 2. Get your creative on!

Next Tuesday, the second and third grade classes will be learning how to do live video streaming. The second grade Readers Theater will perform for the third grade audience and it will be broadcast and recorded live at CCSpti on

Transforming Lives Poster Contest TuxPaint WIPs

Students are working on posters to advertise the upcoming Transforming Lives concert. The winner from each class will receive a free dress-down week. The overall winning poster will be printed and posted around town.  Students are allowed to use different programs to create their posters, one of which is TuxPaint which is the most popular among the younger grades. Most older students are using Microsoft Publisher.  These TuxPaint creations are works in progress (WIP) created last week.  I will post updates and Publisher projects soon.

C:\Documents and Settings\student\Application Data\TuxPaint\saved

Computer A:

Computer B:

Computer C:

Computer D:

Computer E:

Computer F:

Computer G:

Computer H:

Computer I:

Computer J:

Computer K:

Laptop 2:

No TuxPaint entry

Laptop 5:

No TuxPaint Entry

Laptop 9:

No TuxPaint Entry

Laptop 10:

No TuxPaint Entry

Laptop 11:

No TuxPaint entry

Laptop 12:

No TuxPaint entry

Spread Thin Sheet

Not everyone did a fantastic job on the Spreadsheet Test.  We will be reviewing those in class this week.  I’m not satisfied that we’re ready to leave spreadsheets as I had planned, so everyone will be taking the Entrance Quiz as an Exit Quiz.  Anyone not passing the Exit Quiz will be retaking the Spreadsheet Test again next week.  Students who pass the Exit Quiz will be free to move on to creating their Transforming Lives posters and videos for the Advertising Contest.  Poster winners will be printed and used around town as advertising.  Video winners will be uploaded to the CCS YouTube channel and used on Facebook, Twitter, and other Social Media promoting the Second Annual Transforming Lives.

Please complete the Exit Exam below to be excused from further Spreadsheet instruction.