Preschool Thanksgiving Podcast

Since the logistics of having our traditional Preschool Thanksgiving Lunch Program did not work favorably this year, I wanted to share our children’s talent via podcast.  The classes were not expecting me as I arrived with iPhone in hand this morning, but the teachers quickly rallied them for some rousing Thanksgiving choruses.  If you have a K-4 child, have them sing along and show you the hand motions. 🙂

Preschool Thanksgiving Podcast (double-click the mp3 file to open it and listen)
Preschool Thanksgiving Podcast Direct Link

Corinth Campus Preschool K-4

“I’m a Little Indian”

I’m a little Indian on the go.
Here is my arrow. Here is my bow.
When I go out hunting hear me SHOUT:
Bear and buffalo, you’d better watch out!

I’m a little pilgrim on the run.
Here is my knife. Here is my gun.
When I go out hunting, hear me SHOUT:
Deer and turkey, you’d better watch out!

I’m a little turkey. I like to play.
I’m very hungry, I eat all day.
When I see the hunter with his gun,
Then I know it’s time to RUN!

“Mr. Turkey”

Mr. Turkey, Mr. Turkey,
Run away, run away.
If you don’t be careful
You will be a mouthful
Thanksgiving Day, Thanksgiving Day!

Community Christian Campus Preschool K-3

“Nine Little Turkeys”

One little, two little, three little turkeys!
Four little, five little, six little turkeys!
Seven little, eight little, nine little turkeys
On Thanksgiving Day! YUM! YUM!

“God, Our Father”

God Our Father (echo)
Once again (echo)
We have come to thank You (echo)
For our many blessings (echo)
Amen (echo)


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