Little Tykes (Student Post)


Little Tykes is a fun active sport for your little tykes at Cornerstone.

Basketball is fun and easy for children who join Little Tykes. If you would like to take part in this fun activity talk to Mr. Denney. Cornerstone’s gym coach.  

                Written by: popsiclestick48 4th grade


Listen Up, Music Fans!


Cornerstone Christian School is currently working on bringing Whitecross, Viktor, and possibly Sonia V and King James to Southeast Kentucky!  We need your help in all areas, most importantly in spreading the word!  We are looking at some area churches, but if we can get enough interest, we will try to pack out The Corbin Arena!

If you are interested in helping us bring these awesome Christian artists right to our door, please either comment on this post, or shout us out at one of the following:

Please repost this on your social media streams so we can make it happen ASAP!  We want to Rock for the King!  Mrs. Su is working on a promotional video you can share!

School Newsletter

​ “Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.” – Philippians 4:8
Special Announcements
Feb. 10th and 11th 7:00pm CCS will host a community Revival @ East Bernstadt 1st Baptist Church
There will be School on Feb. 21st
Mark your Calendars
Feb. 10th and 11th Valentine Houses
Mrs. Mawnie needs volunteers, please contact office or Mrs. Mawnie to volunteer
Abundant Fund orders due Feb. 14th 2011
100 Day Projects due February 15th 2011
Reviving this Generation to Save the Next
Cornerstone Christian School will host a community Revival at 1st Baptist Church of East Bernstadt, on Thursday, February 10, 2011 and on Friday, February 11, 2011 @ 7:00pm.

Address and Direction to 1st Baptist Church of East Bernstadt

226 School Street
East Bernstadt, KY 40729
(606) 843-6211

From the KY State Police Post

Traveling North on US 25 for 2.6 miles
Turn Right onto KY 490 and travel 1.2 miles
Turn Right onto School Street and travel .5 miles (By Shell Station)
First Baptist Church is on the left directly across for East Bernstadt School.​

Also a reminder visit our webpage at and you will be able to check out what is happening in your child’s class or what is happening around our campus.


Thursday, February 10, 2011 1st and 2nd combined (8:30-9:30) ART ROOM
K-5 (10:00-10:50) ART ROOM

Friday, February 11, 2011 4th (8:30-9:30) ART ROOM
3rd (9:45-10:45) ART ROOM
5th, 6th, 7th (12:00) SOUL’S HARBOR

Parents please send in the following for your child:
(1) Box of Graham Crackers (Labeled with student’s name)
(1) Can of Vanilla Frosting (Labeled with student’s name)
(1) Package of decorating candy (To share)

Volunteers would be greatly appreciated on these two days. If you are willing to volunteer, please sign below or email me. “LOTS OF FUN”

Thank you,
Mrs. Mawnie


I would like to volunteer for Valentine’s Day Houses.

Art Room
Thursday 2/10/2011 ____________________8:00-11:15

Art Room
Friday 2/10/2011 _______________________8:00-11:15

Souls Harbor
Friday 2/11/2011 _______________________11:30-1:30

If you are volunteering, meet in the art room no later than 8:00 for Corinth and 11:30 for Soul’s Harbor. This will give us time to set up.

Touch-Typing Pre-Test

Next week the 3rd-7th grades will take their first Touch-Typing Test.  Today we practiced what they will be doing and I would like them to be able to see how they did in relation to the other students.  Each student created a username and I will post their Pre-Tests under their usernames.  The sentences they will be typing WITHOUT LOOKING next week are as follows:

  1. The bed is shy.
  2. Junk gets big fish.
  3. Fry bright jug skin.

These sentences only use letters the students should all have practiced many times.  Capitalization is important. Students have been practicing using the Shift key on the opposite hand from the letter to be capitalized so that they never remove more than one finger from the homekeys at any moment.

Here are the 5th-7th Grade Pre-Tests alphabetically by username:

  • 99Tails
    The bed is shy.
    Junk gets vig fish.
    Fru btight jug skin,
  • BeastlyCarnival
    The bes os shu
    Junk gets big fish
    fry bright jug skin
  • codedmaster1
    The ed is shy.
    Junk gets big fish.
    Fry bright jug skin.
  • foxracerpro
    the bed iidi
    junk gets bifg fish.
    frid;brut sliv.
  • horsezluv4eva
    Thr  btg if fjy
    Junk gets bug dush.
    Fry brufht juf dkim/
  • Jjlovescience
    The bed is shy.
    Jukn getds big fudh.
    Fry bright jug dkin.
    The ned is shy.
    Jink gets big fish.
    Fried brighr fif sken.
  • peaceheart639
    The bed is shy
    Junl hets vug fush,
    Vrught jug skin.
  • Peacelover256
    The bed is shy.
    kJunk gets big fishh.
    Fry bright jug sjubn.
  • peacelover54321
    The bed is shy.
    Junk gets big fish.
    Frie bright jug skin.
  • pink_lemonade13
    The bed is shy.
    Junk gets big fish.
    Fry bright jug skin.
    The bed is shy. [Repeated for practice]
    Junk hets bih fidh. [Repeated for practice]
    Fey bright jig skin. [Repeated for practice]
  • piranhagirl12
    the ned dicshy
    junk get’s big fish.
    fry btight jug scin.
  • riverotterlover
     Vhe y sh
    Jonk gits vfisg
    Ftird butghu gpg skib
  • rodeo
    the ved shu.
    jimk gets fudh.
    fru brihgt juh skin
    The bed is shy.
    Junk et big fish.
    fry bright gug skim/
  • sweet_tea
    the bed is shy.
    Junk gets big fish.
    Juk gets big fish. [Repeated for practice]
    Fry bright jug skin.
    Fry bright jug ski. [Repeated for practice.]
  • ThinMint
    The bed is shy.
    Junk gets big fish.
    Fried bright jug skin.
  • threechickensonmars
    The bed is shy.
  • UKfan01
    The bed is shy.
    Junk gets big fish.
    Fry bright jug skin.
  • volleyballfreak52102
    the bed is shy
    junk gets big fish.
    fry bright jug skim.