Preparing for the 2011 Pawcurious Blogathon

When I heard that the Pawcurious Blogathon was once again ready to roll, I started thinking about my students and their huge hearts and I wanted to let them participate (and teach them some things in the process but let’s keep that part under our hats) in the blogging. Just look at a couple of the things they’ve already done to help our community!

That doesn’t even count the things they’ve done as Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, and with their church families and other organizations.  With the help of the three-year-olds through my own seventh graders, I figured we could pull off a full 24-hour blog instead of just helping a few hours here and there with Dr. V. and Dr. Finch and the other bloggers, not that we won’t be cross-posting because that’s part of the fun of doing this together.

Once I decided we would go all out, I figured we needed our own cause to support, right? I mean, that’s how the first Blogathon started in 2009: Romeo the Cat put out a Shelter Week challenge and Dr. V. had a vision of a fun way to help. It was such a huge success it even inspired BlogPaws to host a convention for people who blog about animals. The second annual Blogathon spread the love and bloggers began to support their own causes. This, the third annual (that sounds so nice) Pawcurious Blogathon, will be bigger and better and I have chosen a cause! Kinda. I hate making decisions so I’m going to send you to the Great State of Texas!

I have many friends in Texas and many affected by the wildfires that ravaged the drought-stricken land this fall. It was a bad year for Texas to finally avoid a hurricane season. So, our goal will be to bring home the needs that still exist in Texas for the domestic and wild animal survivors of the 2011 wildfires.  Please take a peek around Pawsitively Texas and consider helping out the cause(s) that touch your heart and stay tuned for the Blogathon!

Bloggers, take your marks!

  • Monday–Fourth Grade
  • Tuesday–Second and Third Grades
  • Wednesday–Kindergarten and First Grades
  • Thursday–Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh Grades
  • Friday–PRESCHOOL! (This is gonna be good!)
I will post these throughout the Blogathon. See you Saturday!

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