Hour Eight PawB11: Getting Our Groove On

It’s Music Time!

Free live streaming by Ustream

My friends at the Freak Show are live right now and I’m tuned in for some good blogging music. Everyone should call in and request some good blogging music for me because it’s really hard to concentrate. They’re discussing Play-Doh right now and happy accidents. Pet owners don’t often think of happy accidents, but sometimes accidents can be fun.  Chocolate chip cookies were an accident? Oh, praise the Lord He has a sense of humor that tastes good!

Me: 9 minutes. Anything you want to say on my blog, Brian?

OK, I’m going to try to get ahead a little bit, so it’s time for another installment of adorable preschooler. What, Mary? What do you want me to draw now? Wow. You’re trying to get me into anime? Who is that? A nameless anime ninja girl from PhotoBucket? OK. I’ll try, but she’ll have to join the Blogpocalypse.  Music and ninjas and now I want a chocolate chip cookie. See you soon!

Blogpocalypse 2011
easy fundraisers

Pawsitively Texas Needs Your Help

What do you want me to blog about? Are you still out there?


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