Hour Four PawB11: Kindergarten PhotoStory

It’s finally finished and uploaded!  When I gave the assignment to blog, I let my students choose what they wanted to say and do. I didn’t edit unless they asked me for help.  Most students like the program TuxPaint (a free download from http://tux4kids.com) and the Kindergarten art is in this video.

The voice-over was recorded on my iPhone for the student who wanted to write a story but didn’t know how to spell the words. The audio was edited with the free Audacity program I love so much and I added a song by one of my friends in the UK who said I can use it any time I like…and I like right now. 🙂 Another student also wanted to write a story, but didn’t want me to record her voice so she chose to dictate to me. You can read her story at the end of the video. (I did my best to type exactly what she said and only edit what she specified needed to be changed.)

Since I’m a little ahead…whew!…I’ll add in another pony if I can find one…nope. Ponies are evading me, but fourth graders are cute, too!

Blogpocalypse 2011
Oh, and I still need a fundraising thermometer thingamajiggy to keep track of what you fabulous people are giving.




Stay tuned for Dry Erase Marker Contest Videos and More!


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