Hour Nine PawB11: Ninja Girl

Human Fluttershy by Xylan-Moonhawk

Have you ever been asked to do something outside of your comfort zone? Do you try or do you just bow out as gracefully as you can and leave it to the next schmo?  Or are you like me and it really depends on what it is.  My oldest son is one fantastic artist. He’s into anime and he’s also a Brony.  Here’s one of his pieces that made it into some Brony page somewhere. It’s all beyond me.

Anyway, he’s been at a marching band (Go Marching Jaguars!) the past few days…just walked in the door actually…and he usually takes these requests but since he’s been gone, it’s fallen to me.  I don’t mind the ponies. They’re pretty basic and they’re…PONIES! But tonight Mary asked me…while I was writing the last blog…to draw this anime ninja girl she found. She hands me notebook paper and a pencil that’s been sharpened with a knife apparently and has no eraser and looks at me like it’s just going to happen.

I don’t draw people. They’re HARD! They’re complicated and there’s nothing people know better than people. You make something off, crooked, disproportionate…people see it right away. So, did I say, “No, sweetie. Why don’t you find me a pony?” NO! I got this “I’m on a pony roll” attitude on and I begged for an eraser…and here it sits all pink with green and white and purple spots and I held the pencil at weird angles so that it would write and I drew as fast as I could so I could get back to this blog.

Now, with three minutes later, I’m going to present to you my attempt at anime. Please don’t laugh. It’s not my specialty. Not that I have an art specialty, but if I did it wouldn’t be people.

PhotoBucket Ninja Girl

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What do you want me to blog about? Are you still out there?


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