Hour One PawB11: Peeking Allowed Now

No Peeking

OK, you can peek now.

Welcome to Hour One of Pawcurious Blogathon 2011 AKA Blogpocalypse.  If this is the first #PawB2011 post you’ve encountered, please click my previous post for a little history on what we are doing here at this moment.  Being the first hour, I expect there to be over twenty blog entries hitting the net right now and I look forward to browsing them…if I have the time. We bloggers have a lot on our plates, so your comments on our posts will help us keep in touch with each other. For those of us who are a bit more on the perfectionist side, it will be tempting to keep editing and editing and editing and miss our deadlines…so your forgiveness on grammatical and other technical issues is coveted…and then we’ll need you to help us stay awake through the night.I plan to have my night posts prepped and ready to post without getting out of bed (really?) and I absolutely MUST have my posts ready for the end of the blogathon ready to post on the run from church. So, my friends, I really need you over the next 24 hours. This will be my first attempt at the full twenty-four hours. No zombies! No zombies! No whammies, either!

This has gone from being a good idea to an emotional journey.  I know people in Texas and I know the special bond between humans and animals.  Even though I pulled together a series of videos to help my students see what had been happening in Texas this year, it’s all very impersonal…until it isn’t.  I’ve got a friend who was actively involved by sheltering pets in danger and a friend who was concentrating on protecting her own family. Both of them have volunteered to help with the blogathon as they can. We may get updated photos and videos and hopefully some eye-witness accounts.  I was doing a good job of remaining in my sympathetically stoic bubble…teacher mode…until a fellow teacher just messaged me about trying to get some personal stories.  I was writing this little intro and flipping windows to chat with her when she wrote, “She still won’t talk about it. The fire stopped at their front lawn, literally. It was horrifying.” Is it just me, or does that hit a nerve with you, too?

So, let me share with you a couple of the videos I shared with my students and we’ll get this blogathong on the move.  I couldn’t choose only one of the great organizations in Texas that are overrun with misplaced and displaced animals right now, so I leave that choice to you, dear reader. Please visit http://pawsitivelytexas.com and http://pawsitivelytexas.net and look around while you wait for Hour Two.

You can check twitter for new blogathon posts without signing in.  There are several hashtags floating around, so until everyone settles in, check them all. 🙂

Blogpocalypse 2011
Oh, and I need a fundraising thermometer thingamajiggy to keep track of what you fabulous people are giving. Anybody with some WordPress code for me, please let me know. I’ve got to stop editing this post and get started on Hour Two! Yipes!

2 responses to “Hour One PawB11: Peeking Allowed Now

  1. You are right Su…it’s all very impersonal until it isn’t. I hate fires. I can’t imagine the scariness of a forest fire. So glad you and your students are here for the upside – helping the pets who need help in the aftermath. Love you!! ((hugs))

    • Love you, too! Wouldn’t have known in time to involve these great kids if you hadn’t remembered me. 🙂 Thanks for stopping over. I’m still in a crunch editing this Kindergarten video. I hope I get it done soon so I can come to the Riley & James blog! 🙂

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