Hour Seven PawB11: White Board Contest

How about a little levity? There is nothing like a good dry erase marker and some friendly competition at the office.  Mike keeps us in stitches anyway, but he’s also quite the White Board Artist and my kids aren’t too bad, either.  Time to write the surgery appointment up in the corner and erase it from the middle of the white board to make room for…well…you’ll see. 🙂

And more ponies!  FooFoo (the one in the Mario Contest video) requested that I draw the following picture…twice. The first was for her and the second was for her best friend, Charlotte. After she colored them both, she decided she likes Charlotte’s best.  I believe these are the baby pony versions of Princesses Luna and Celestia. Please correct me if I’m wrong. I’m just the human copy machine.

Baby My Little Ponies: Princesses Luna and Celestia

Pretty Ponies for Charlotte

Blogpocalypse 2011
easy fundraisers

Pawsitively Texas Needs Your Help

Stay tuned for Dry Erase Marker Contest Videos and More!


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