Hour Six PawB11: Adrenaline

Have you ever been going along minding your own business…blogging or whatnot…when all of a sudden your world shakes? And I don’t mean an earthquake. I mean you hear bad news or there’s sudden danger in your world type of shaking? What if you heard sirens coming closer…closer…and you step outside and smell smoke? You look to your right and there’s a wall of fire visible just over the rise. Your neighborhood is on fire. People are pouring out of their homes with arms laden with whatever they could carry. You realize you left the door open and your two dogs are now running free and scared as fast as they can go, dodging in and out of the neighborhood greenery…and your children are still playing inside. You call for the dogs and run inside to gather your family in your arms and load them into the car knowing the smoke that you can see swirling across your windows means the fire is just behind.

Adrenaline is pumping.

You are thinking with clarity and speed, but you can’t be two places at once. You must take your family to safety, check on the elderly neighbor down the road that doesn’t drive…no time to chase those dogs! You lift a silent prayer and GO! This is the terror that faced so many in Texas this year.  My new friend Casi lives in Texas and relayed this to me today when I spoke with her on Facebook:

I know that there was a ton of chatting and posting on the KLTV fb page of missing animals, found animals and a place for animals.

For example, my dear friend Karen had to evacuate. They have 6 horses, but they only have a 2 horse trailers and no way to get the cows out. They sent out texts and posted on fb for help to get their animals out. Anyone with trailers were asked to come immediately. People with extra land would allow others to “store” their animals there.

There was a large community support. The news mentioned it a couple of times on the air. They would also air missing animal reports and give out numbers of farmers/ranchers that had large trailers and were willing to help.

One of our local community centers became a pet shelter for misplaced pets and evacuated pets.

kltv.com and facebook.com/kltv have [personal stories]. I tried to search through kltv’s fb. They have a WEALTH of stories and personal postings. But you have to scroll all the way back to July/August. We had several friends who evacuated their entire ranch.

If you couldn’t find extra help or didn’t have time, you had to mark your horses/cows with your name and phone number and set them free and hope they could get out and be found.”

“Hope they could get out and be found.” What a thought. Your only recourse would be prayer and the kindness of strangers…and what if you return and you have no home? No fences for your cattle and horses? No hay in the barn for winter? It’s been a year of drought, and now this? Heartbreak. You can help the “strangers” that have been helping. They aren’t equipped for such large-scale rescue, rehabilitation, and rehoming. Please consider a generous donation to a worthy cause listed with PawsitivelyTexas.com.

Third Grader's plea using Tux Paint.

Third Grade PowerPoint: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1U3Hl6PcwRjwYLLutEOPsIOnnDA5ntUPgF9b-kUHMjhA/edit

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Pawsitively Texas Needs Your Help

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2 responses to “Hour Six PawB11: Adrenaline

  1. What a heartbreaking story. I can’t imagine having to just pick up and go. Living in an Earthquake zone, we have dedicated a lot of effort to planning for the unthinkable, but still…you don’t ever think it will really happen to you, do you.

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