Hour Three PawB11: Ponies for Pawcurious

I have finished the Kindergarten video, but I have promised serious cuteness and it’s time to deliver.  And I also promised Dr. V, the mastermind behind this Third Annual Pawcurious Blogathon, some PONIES! (My kids are going to be so excited!)

I work with the best kids every week in my Computer Lab.  The Preschool is in a different building and I have recruited the help of sixth-grade teacher, Mr. Jerry Diehl, in carrying laptops and helping see to the needs of the “My computer just messed up!” shouts of the adorable K3 and K4 kids.  They’re getting the hang of clicking and dragging on a mousepad which isn’t easy when you’re not even sure what a mouse is or why you can’t just touch the screen and it do what you want.

So, I didn’t ask my preschool kids to create on the computer for the Blogathon like I did my older kids.  Instead, I interviewed them. Some were too camera shy to even give their name and after a while of speaking three-year-old my interviewing skills began to disintegrate into unintelligible gobbledygook, so here’s the very first interview to please your sweet tooth.

And, as promised, the first installment of PONIES!

Apple Jack from My Little Pony Friendship is Magic

I’m not gifted in the art of Sharpie like Drs. V & Finch, but my girls wanted me to copy a picture they found on the Internet somewhere of Apple Jack.  There will be more pretty ponies…and at least one rainbow…soon!

Blogpocalypse 2011
Oh, and I still need a fundraising thermometer thingamajiggy to keep track of what you fabulous people are giving.




I had hoped to have my Kindergarten PhotoStory ready for this post, but it’s still uploading. SOON!


2 responses to “Hour Three PawB11: Ponies for Pawcurious

  1. Awww. I was so busy…sleeping…I didn’t even see this until now. I have no idea what is on the back of that piece of paper and I’m definitely not comfortable sketching in PEN, but it’s got to be easier than SHARPIE! Can’t wait to scoot through your blogathon posts. I only got to read a couple and they were fab as always! 🙂

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