Hour Eighteen PawB11: Social Media Technician

In January I got involved with Whitecross. Not the street in London but the Christian metal band fronted by guitarist Rex Carroll and preacher/singer Scott Wenzel. It all started when I found the Whitecross band page and saw that Rex didn’t “Like” it. I thought, “That’s weird.”
If you know me at all, you know I don’t just think, “That’s weird,” and drop something. I sent Rex a message behind the wall and asked what was up with that…not expecting a reply because he’s…well…a ROCK STAR! But he replied and said that it wasn’t his. Some fan had started it and just called it “Official” because…well, because anybody can say anything is official on Facebook.
What? No fan page for one of my favorite rock bands since 1987? I offered to try to get it for him and he probably thought I was crazy but I meant it and I did. I politely asked the page creator for admin status so that I could give it to Rex and PRESTO! I became an admin for the Whitecross fan page.
I offered to drop myself once Rex was an admin but he in turn asked me to just run the page for him. What? Me? So the Whitecross fan page has gone from about 500 fans to over 2,000 which is totally awesome. I’ve been extremely busy since the school year started, but I still do my best with it.
But there’s this phenomenon on fan pages that I call the WAYP. (I just made that up. It stands for Who Are You Phenomenon.) People not only want to know who they’re talking to, but why. Just human nature, I guess, so I was suddenly in need of an Official Title. I had been to a continuing education conference and taken the entire Social Media series and thought, “I’m not a SME (Social Media Expert) but I could be an SMT (Social Media Technician.)
I informed Rex that he now had an SMT and he thought that was pretty funny but he let me take the title. An uncommon title. A new title. A job with little in the way of historical job description because social media is such a recent phenomenon. Social networking used to be done at parties. Media used to have nothing social about it. So here I am and my good friend Earl who contributed a photo of his porcupined dog to the first Blogathon asks me what I technically know about social media. Valid question. What do any of us know? So I took what I knew and firmed up some numbers and gave the following response:

Technically twitter is micro-blogging. If Facebook were a country it would be the third largest and China doesn’t use it. Technically, YouTube is a social search engine. 1 in 5 couples met online. Technically Wikipedia is more accurate than The Britannica and would take 123 years to read if it were a book but is more media than social. Bill Gates’ new social network is catching heat on Google+ which is growing faster than Facebook and twitter because of the social networks that have been established by them. When people want to purchase something or even see a movie, they trust their social network for feedback more than advertising or movie critics. You used to have watch TV for the news. Now the news finds you. 🙂

If that helped you at all, please go to PawsitivelyTexas.com and support a cause. This hour is now over. Thank you. 🙂



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