Hour Eleven PawB11: Cheating

I seem to be the only one here, so I’m going to cheat on this one. Then I’m going to bed even though I’m not caught up or ahead like I had hoped. Bless the bloggers who keep it up through the night. I’ll try to check in on you once in a while. 🙂

What Would Your Kids Say?
Wednesday, February 17, 2010 at 11:07am

I figured FooFoo’s answers would be funniest, so I put them last, but I asked her first so don’t be confused on the last question. It really should go bottom to top. Aww…poodles! I hit save after Alyn’s answers and they all disappeared. Come back Alyn!

First, introductions: Who are you?

  • A. Alyn. (And what does Mom call you?) Alyn
  • K. Ken! (And what does Mom call you?) Ken!
  • M. Mary (And what does Mom call you?) Mmmm…MaRu
  • F. Princess Peach (No, really, what’s your name?) FaithLynn (And what does Mom call you?) I don’t know. (I don’t call you anything?) Oh, Squeaky Squirrel!

1. What is something Mom always says to you?

  • A. Do the laundry
  • K. Clean your room.
  • M. (You can’t look at what FaithLynn wrote.) What did you say? (Go over there and lie down so you can’t look. I said, What is something Mom always…) says to me? Wake up, it’s time for school!
  • F. I love you.

2. What makes Mom happy?

  • A. Doing the laundry.
  • K. When I do the dishes.
  • M. Ummm…When it’s her day to pick! (But it’s always my day to pick. Does that mean I’m always happy?) Uh, yeah.
  • F. I don’ t know. (Nothing makes me happy?) No, I just don’t know.

3. What makes Mom sad?

  • A. If I don’t do the laundry.
  • K. When I lay on my lazy butt and watch TV.
  • M. Ummm…when we don’t get out of bed in time.
  • F. ……I don’t know. (Does Mom get sad?) Sometimes yeah. (But you don’t know why?) I know why. (So, why?) …I don’t know.

4. How does Mom make you laugh?

  • A. She doesn’t. I make her laugh. (Not even when I threaten you with a fork?) That’s not funny…that’s…threatening. (How about when we play Stinky Pinky?) Maybe sometimes.
  • K. That’s a hard one. Um…I don’t know. Next question please? (No, you have to think of something I do that makes you laugh.) I’m not sure of anything (*FooFoo bursts through the door* “Stop taking the quiz! I have a hairbrush I need to hang up and I don’t want to hear!”) Why are you typing so much? Don’t type everything I say! Darn it! That made me laugh! There!
  • M. She tickles me!
  • F. Makes silly faces.

5. What was Mom like as a child?

  • A. I have no idea. (Have you seen any pictures of me?) I’ve seen them but I don’t remember them. I said you were probably a geek. Either that or a clean freak, but I didn’t say that.
  • K. Mm mm mm. (*in the notes of “I don’t know”*) I have no clue. (Have you seen any pictures of me?) I think I’ve seen one, but that’s it. (Not even on Facebook?) No, not on Facebook, but I’ve seen one though. It was just a normal picture. (What was I like in it?) Ummm….I can’t really remember but I think you had red hair.
  • M. I don’t know. (Have you seen any pictures of me?) No, I haven’t. (Not even on Facebook?) I’ve seen some pictures of you on Facebook, but not when you were young! (Fair enough. We’ll look later.)
  • F. …Me!

6. How old is Mom?

  • A. 36 or 38. I know it’s an even number.
  • K. I have no clue. She won’t tell me. (Am I 100?) Definitely not. (Am I as old as Dad?) No. (Am I 30?) I’m not sure…I’m pretty sure she’s a bit older than 30 but I’m pretty sure she’s not 40.
  • M. 36?
  • F. *Tell me how old you are.* (*whispered like there is someone else in the room besides me* You don’t have a guess?) No. (Am I as old as Dad?) No. (Am I 100?) No! (Am I 30?) No. (Am I older than 30?) Yes! (Then that’s close enough!)

7. How tall is Mom?

  • A. Not as tall as me. (How tall are you?) Pretty tall. No, scratch that and put, “Taller than Mom.”
  • K. Pretty tall. I’m not sure exact, though. (Am I as tall as Dad?) No. (Am I as tall as Alyn?) Yes. You are taller. Barely though. Alyn’s tall.
  • M. Hmm-mmm *shrugging shoulders* (Am I as tall as Dad?) Bigger than that, I think! (Am I as tall as Alyn?) No. Alyn’s way taller than you!
  • F. I don’t know. (Am I as tall as Daddy?) NO! (Am I as tall as Alyn?) …Yes.

8.What is Mom’s favorite thing to do?

  • A. Tell me to do laundry. No, I’m just joking. I said, “Play on her computer and listen to music.”
  • K. Play on Facebook and Twitter. I get like 12,000 twitters from her every day.
  • M. Put the laundry away. Wait…wait…take that back. Mommy’s favorite thing to do is text!
  • F. Work.

9. What does Mom do when you’re not around?

  • A. Play on her computer and listen to music.
  • K. Twitter
  • M. Mmmm…when I’m not around…when I’m not around…Watch TV.
  • F. Go to work.

10. If Mom becomes famous, what will it be for?

  • A. Inventing a new computer.
  • K. The most twitters in one second.
  • M. Singing
  • F. …sad. (I’ll be famous for being sad?) Uh huh.

11. What is Mom really good at?

  • A. Typing.
  • K. Twittering
  • M. Singing
  • F. Drawing me bunnies.

12. What is Mom not very good at?

  • A. Playing video games.
  • K. Doing a back-flip…into a pool. (Have you ever seen me try that?) No, I haven’t. (So how do you know I’m not good?) Because the older you are the harder it is to flip. Break your back. (So you’re calling me old?) Not too old, but kinda. I’m just a kid. I’m only 9…almost 10.
  • M. Cartwheels
  • F. ……hmmm…hmmm……(I don’t ever mess anything up?) *don’t type that* (Why not?) *because I don’t want you to.* (What do you think I typed?) *sigh* *What you just said.* (You’re right. I did. Why can’t I type that?) *’cuz I’m thinking.* (OK, I’ll wait.) ………You’re not good at drawing me telephones.

13. What does Mom do for her job?

  • A. Taxes.
  • K. Help Dad.
  • M. Umm…put the laundry away.
  • F. Clean up the house with me.

14. What’s Mom’s favorite food?

  • A. Ice cream.
  • K. I’m not quite sure. She has lots of favorites. (Can you think of one?) Tuna…fish sandwiches. She ate those last night I think…no…the night before last night, sorry. This is a long quiz, isn’t it? (Actually it was a salmon sandwich, but that’s close enough.)
  • M. Umm……popcorn.
  • F. I don’t know. (What do I eat a lot of?) I don’t know. (What don’t I like then?) I don’t know.

15. What makes you proud of Mom?

  • A. …She’s smart.
  • K. That’s a hard one, I’ll have to think on that…umm…dot dot dot…Finding new calendars. I’m amazed that she can find so many. Especially ones that have flaming swords…that my friend Kyle is afraid of. *This is a long quiz*
  • M. When she finds my stuff. (Like what?) Like…there’s so many good choices I can’t think of one. (You mean you lose your stuff all the time?) No! (So what kind of stuff does Mom find for you?) She finds some socks for me if I don’t have any in my drawer.
  • F. Doing what I said. (What did you say?) Doing….what…I…told you to do!

16. If Mom were a cartoon character, who would she be?

  • A. The secretary at the doctor’s office. (What cartoon has a secretary at a doctor’s office?) Tom & Jerry…they don’t really talk which is why I thought of that. And I think Bugs Bunny has one in one of his movies.
  • K. Hmm. Somebody on the Flintstones. I’m not sure who, but somebody on the Flintstones. (You don’t know her name? Or it doesn’t matter, just anybody from the Stone Ages.) I just don’t know her name. I know exactly what she looks like, I just don’t know her name. Yabbadabbadoo Exclamation Point! (So what does she look like?) It’s hard to explain. (What color hair does she have?) OK, now that I can’t figure out. But I know she has a skirt that’s ripped at the bottom and looks like a tiger. (Fred’s wife?) Yes! Yes! Yes yes yes! And Dad would be Fred!
  • M. Mmmm…I’m thinking…Stephanie. (Who’s Stephanie?) Ummm…Stephanie on Lazy Town. (Oh, so I have pink hair?) *laughing* If you were a cartoon character, yeah, or you could go to the beauty shop and make them give you a pink wig. You’ll have to find some pink tennis shoes…pink socks…pink clothes…
  • F. Princess Peach

17. What do you and Mom do together?

  • A. Eat. (You mean we only eat together?) Yes. (We don’t do anything else?) No. We’re just at the table with Dad. (Boring.) Yup.
  • K. *crack in the roof, crack in the roof, dot dot dot dot dot* Clean the livingroom together. I think the fan is making a clicking noise and it’s annoying. Stop it fan! Stop it!
  • M. Mmmm…shop. (Shop for what?) Shop for milk because we drink it really really fast.
  • F. ……(You don’t have to whisper.) Tell me what. (Tell you what we do together?) Yeah. What do we do? (Well, do we play games? or sing? or go to Girl Scouts or anything fun like that?) Go to Girl Scouts together!

18. Where is Mom’s favorite place to go?

  • A. Home or Arkansas, but when we’re in Arkansas she’s embarrassed of the little girls and Ken and wants to go home. (But I’m never embarrassed of you?) No, ‘cuz I stay out of the way and don’t get in trouble.
  • K. The clinic.
  • M. Mmmm…Stryper concert!
  • F. Work

19. What’s something you want everyone to know about Mom?

  • A. She’s been on TV. (Why?) Singing. Wait. Why was she on TV or why do I want everyone to know. I’m confused. I should have studied better. (Both.) What? What was the question? (Why do you want everyone to know I was on TV?) Because it makes you sound kindof interesting. What is that noise? The fan? Makes me not want to be under it anymore. (We’re done here.) Are you still typing everything I say? I’m outa here.
  • K. Nothing. (You want Mom to be a secret?) No. I just don’t know anything right off the bat. I’ll have to think about an hour on that so might as well skip it. It will take me about an hour on that one. “Get Plenty of Sleep” That’s what a calendar says. (That’s Dr. V’s dog, Brody.) It’s sleeping. Hey, if this is a quiz, why don’t you ask me a question again? (Because that was the last question.) It was? Does that mean I can go continue my game? If it does, Peace Out! (Please go get Alyn.) I think I know where he is. (Alyn’s still not here, so I’m going to him. “Hey, Alyn, when you’re done, come to my room.” “Why?” “I have a quiz for you.” “About what?” “Just come.” “I want to study!” “You can’t study! Just come!”)
  • M. She sings. (OK, please go get Ken for me so he can take the quiz, too.) Ken! Ken! Go take the quiz! Some of those were hard and tricky, so…(FooFoo yells, “I did all the quizzes!” Ken says, “Is this a hard quiz?”)
  • F. Yes! (Yes what?) Yes I want everyone to know what I just said! On there! Everything! E-ve-ry-thing! I mean EVERYTHING! Get it? Ev-ry-thing? (Anything you didn’t say yet?) No. Everything I DID say! What you just typed on your computer. I mean on your laptop. (Is there anything I forgot to ask you?) You got a email! (Pay attention. This is the last question. Is there anything I didn’t ask you that you want to say?) Hmm. Trash! Trash! Trash! (Are you calling me trash?) No. I’m throwing trash at you! (I see that. Please stop.) I can’t! It’s fun! Trash! It’s a big party! Trash! Trash! Now I’m throwing it at me! Trash! Trash! (I think we’re done here.) *giggle* (Go tell Mary now.) But not right now. I want to throw trash in here! (Please take your trash and ask Mary to come here. Thank you, FooFoo.) You know Alyn’s in bed. (I’m not surprised. Please get Mary for me.) OK! I’m going to get her! Sockydockydockydock!
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