Hour fIfTeEn PawB11: Preschool Loves Animals

OK, I finally got ALL of the Preschool videos to upload, so, even though some of them are scattered through the blog and you may have seen them, here they are in order and all in one place.

Five Year Old…and the vacuum cleaner…

Three Year Old? “Look!”

Five Year Old. “My dog always bites my dad.”

Four Year Old “She eats like a hog.”

Four Year Old.  After speaking Preschool for too long, I do believe I actually said, “they get dead.” Get dead? She apparently didn’t notice my lack of verbal acuity and gave a great interview. 🙂

Three Year Old “I want to keep them for God’s heart.”

Four Year Old likes rabbits and cows and running horses. “When are we gonna do the computers?” Gotta love a kid that’s excited about my computer class! 🙂

Three Year Old “I love her the most.”

Five Year Old has a lion?


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