Hour tHiRtEeN PawB11: Band Geek

This is a Make Up Post for Hour Thirteen…which I slept through.

I am a band geek. I don’t deny it. I embrace my geekiness and pass it along to my children with great pride.  In fact, one of my greatest regrets of high school was not going out for marching band.  So, when my oldest son got to fourth grade at Cornerstone, we threw him into the band and helped him choose the French horn. I wanted him to have every opportunity available, and in my mind, the less common (more difficult) the instrument he could master, the higher the demand would be for his talent.  (Patting self on back) I was right! He not only excelled at the French horn, but was often requested to join an older band that needed a French horn. Now he’s in high school and just made All Festival..something…and this past week the band was at the BOA competition. The Marching Jaguars of North Laurel High School under the direction of David McFadden have had an excellent season and had the opportunity to perform their show “Heroes Fallen, Not Forgotten” on Veterans Day at BOA.  I bet there wasn’t a dry eye in the house…stadium.

So, when he came to me just now and sent me to YouTube, I had to share. He says this show was even more impressive at BOA and it’s pretty cool just on YouTube. Enjoy.

That band was in Semi-Finals at the BOA and I’m not sure what their final standing was, but they’re in a higher division than my Marching Jaguars. Watch the far left at 3:15 and you’ll see Alyn back into position for his six note solo. You’re right.  That’s not a French horn. They’re extremely difficult to march with so French horn players generally switch to the mellophone during marching season. At 7:13 you’ll see the only other mellophone player get in position for his solo…on the flute. Yes, French horn people are a special breed. Alyn kneels right in front of the field commander to deliver a whallop on the mellophone before Hagan resumes his solo.  It’s a very powerful program and the kids delivered it with emotion every time getting better and better with every performance. You can probably find better recordings than mine.

So, just a little brag on my kid and a high five to band geeks around the world. (Yes, I’m too geeky to fist bump…plus my students complain my ring is too sharp.)


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