An End to Excel

Kindergarten-5th Grades

We are finishing up our Excel Spreadsheet Unit and moving on to visual editing using the GIMP program. This program is very complex and no tests will be given over the use of GIMP.  Some students will become frustrated with the complexity of the program and some will fall in love with the immense versatility.  Students will be showing each other what they learn as they find new tricks within the program.

Sixth and Seventh Grades

The sixth and seventh grades will be creating presentations on Computer History.  The presentations will range from a basic overview for the preschool to an in-depth study for the fifth grade.  Students may work alone or in groups and will be doing collective research using The Cloud via Google Documents:

Students will choose a focus area such as size or memory type and enter their research next to their computer name. If your student has a Gmail account, I will ask him or her log in using that ID to ease in the tracking of changes.  Work can be done at home as well as in school.  Here is the projected project completion plan:

  • March 15–Project Introduction and Research Assignments
  • March 22–Partnerships, Project Goals (Grade Assignments), Research
  • March 29–Goal Adjustment, Research
  • April 5–Choice of Presentation Media and Incorporation of Research into Chosen Media
  • April 12–Preparing Projects for Peer Critique
  • April 19–Peer Critique and Project Adjustment
  • April 26–Preparing Projects for Teacher Critique
  • May 3–Teacher Critique and Project Adjustment
  • May 7-11–Projects Presented to All Classes

Several Computer History Videos For Ideas:


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