Transforming Lives Poster Contest TuxPaint WIPs

Students are working on posters to advertise the upcoming Transforming Lives concert. The winner from each class will receive a free dress-down week. The overall winning poster will be printed and posted around town.  Students are allowed to use different programs to create their posters, one of which is TuxPaint which is the most popular among the younger grades. Most older students are using Microsoft Publisher.  These TuxPaint creations are works in progress (WIP) created last week.  I will post updates and Publisher projects soon.

C:\Documents and Settings\student\Application Data\TuxPaint\saved

Computer A:

Computer B:

Computer C:

Computer D:

Computer E:

Computer F:

Computer G:

Computer H:

Computer I:

Computer J:

Computer K:

Laptop 2:

No TuxPaint entry

Laptop 5:

No TuxPaint Entry

Laptop 9:

No TuxPaint Entry

Laptop 10:

No TuxPaint Entry

Laptop 11:

No TuxPaint entry

Laptop 12:

No TuxPaint entry