Hour Twenty-Two PawB11: Good Friends, Good Music

We have known the Lundy Family for about ten years now. Whenever we are in service with them, the blessings flow. When The Big Blue Lundy Bus pulls in to the parking lot, we know we’re going to be tapping our toes and praising God for His miracles in the lives of this family and their willing hearts to share His love. I have already uploaded many of their songs on http://YouTube.com/nasuSremlE and I hope you’ll search them out. One is uploading right now as we take (their warmup just published at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t4KnbevHlB4 so enjoy that) prayer requests. I’ll finish this later. 🙂


Just found my note from last time I uploaded the Lundys. It should be pretty close:
The Lundys
John West
Jonathan West
Jonah West
David Lundy
Nathan Lundy
Diedra West
Christina Lundy
Chloe Lundy
Duran Lundy
David Dwayne Lundy
Mt. Pleasant Homecoming 9/4/2011


Hour Nineteen PawB11: When Your

In Hour Six I really wanted to include this song, but the only version I had uploaded wasn’t very good, so please go back and read Hour Six while you listen to this song:
Your Hands
When your world is shaking, do you have somewhere to stand? Texas has been shaken. Please find it in your heart to go to PawsitivelyTexas.com and lend a hand.

Listen Up, Music Fans!


Cornerstone Christian School is currently working on bringing Whitecross, Viktor, and possibly Sonia V and King James to Southeast Kentucky!  We need your help in all areas, most importantly in spreading the word!  We are looking at some area churches, but if we can get enough interest, we will try to pack out The Corbin Arena!

If you are interested in helping us bring these awesome Christian artists right to our door, please either comment on this post, or shout us out at one of the following:

Please repost this on your social media streams so we can make it happen ASAP!  We want to Rock for the King!  Mrs. Su is working on a promotional video you can share!