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The Class of 2017 is currently taking English, Math, Science, History, and Bible online in addition to the PE, Art, Spanish, Library, and Computer Lab classes provided on campus.  For more information, please visit the following:
Online Courses Press Release (There is also a Google Document link at the top of the page.)

Cornerstone Christian School Enhances Curriculum With Online Courses
London, KY – August 16, 2011 – Cornerstone Christian School continues to strengthen its position as a leader in the delivery of excellent Christian education by adding online courses to its curriculum.
“Our school has an immediate need for rigorous, qualified instruction with a Christian worldview in upper-level courses,” says Su Smith, Technology Department, at Cornerstone Christian School, “so we have partnered with the Sevenstar Academy to supplement our course offerings. Through this partnership, we are able to meet the spiritual and educational needs of our students all the way through graduation.”

The school plans to supplement our current curriculum by offering online courses to meet a variety of needs, which include: providing remedial and advanced courses, enrolling students through senior high, offering summer school courses, offering more electives, offering Advanced Placement (AP) and Dual Credit (college credit) to Juniors and Seniors who want a head start on college, and offering a variety of courses to homeschool families either on or off-campus. The school sees online courses providing solutions to scheduling challenges and other special situations that arise every year.

“After considering our options for online learning, we chose to partner with Sevenstar for many reasons. We have been impressed with their spiritual leadership in administration and faculty.  They have demonstrated their integration of Christian principles in their daily coursework and the employment of a chaplain to provide daily devotionals and discussion. Even online training sessions and webinars are begun and concluded with prayer. We have taken note that Sevenstar’s curriculum exceeds national standards and is approved by colleges, the NCAA and the ACSI.  We are excited to be better able to serve our families while remaining true to our mission.”

Mrs. Smith also pointed out that Cornerstone Christian School will now be equipping students to be successful online learners, which, in this day and age, is advantageous for college students, business professionals and military personnel.

For additional information on Cornerstone Christian School’s online courses, contact Su Smith or visit
ABOUT Cornerstone Christian School – Cornerstone Christian School’s mission is to minister to the whole child: body, mind and spirit, and to support and assist parents in fulfilling their God-given responsibility to bring up their children “in training and instruction of the Lord.” (Ephesians 6:4)
Faculty and staff maintain web pages at to keep families informed of daily and special activities and assignments.



Su Smith
Cornerstone Christian School


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