Spreadsheets are taught Second Semester in Even Years

Computer Lab
Mrs. Su Smith
We are finishing our Microsoft Exel unit. The following list is what I expect each student to master to an appropriate degree before we move on.  The following chart is broken into 30 measurable indicators on a pass/retest page in my gradebook.

Locate/Identify  Apply/Do 
Start Menu Open Microsoft Excel
Title Bar Save File
Name Box Identify Cells by Name
Formula Bar Edit Cell Contents, Write Basic Formulas
Menu Find Commands Not in Command Ribbon
Command Ribbon Undo
Sheet Tab Rename Sheet, Delete Sheet
Scroll Bar Maneuver Inside Spreadsheet
Column Heading Select Column
Row Heading Select Row
Control Key Select Non-Adjacent Items
Shift Key Select Adjacent Items
Selection Cursor Click and Drag to Select
Format Fill, Border, Font (Typeface, Bold, Italic, Underline, Size), Align
Size Cursor Resize Column
Data Commands Cut, Copy, Paste

  • Spreadsheet
  • Cell
  • Row
  • Column
  • Label
  • Constant
  • Formula
  • Row Name
  • Column Name
  • Cell Name
  • Basic Spreadsheet Math Symbols
Basic Things To Do:
  • Highlight a row
  • Highlight a column
  • Highlight a cell
  • Use Fill to add colors
  • Use formulas to copy information
  • Use formulas to do basic math using + – * and /

Intermediate Things To Do:

  • Create a table of information
  • Highlight a section of adjacent cells
  • Use a table of information to create a graph or chart
  • Alter the appearance of a graph or chart

Games To Excercise Skills and Knowledge:

  • Spreadsheet Battleship (You Found My X Cell)
  • Spelling List Word Search
  • Mad Libs
  • Quiz Time

Once we have a firm grasp on Excel, we will move on.  I will move all classes together when I am confident in a basic understanding, so level of mastery will depend on the student and class.  Snow Days and other missed days will affect which classes complete which tasks.  If you would like a home lesson for assignments missed, do not hesitate to let me know. The fastest way to reach me is via text (344-2126) and I will respond between classes or after school.


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